SteamRadio has been a long time in the making. Everyone involved has worked together in various combinations over the years, as is so often the case with people from a traditional music background.

SteamRadio has given all of us the opportunity to experiment a little, rework some favourite traditional numbers and give an airing to original material inspired by years of immersion in Celtic music.

Andy McLaughlin
Fylde acoustic guitar, Yamaha windsynth, English Great Pipes and whistles by Ian Corrigan.

Andy is a veteran of the Vin Garbutt Band, the O’Boyle Band and many more. His love of Celtic music in general and Breton music in particular has remained constant through the years and has found its natural home with SteamRadio.

Dan Hands
Fiddle, Keyboards

Dan was not, as is commonly supposed, recruited to bring down the average age of the band but for his classical music background - proper training is often invaluable!

Martin Matthews
Electric guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki

Martin comes via the Champion String Band, The Rub, Cuig etc etc. - all with a different take on traditional music and all of which have helped shape his current approach.

Steve Farrow
Bass guitar

Steve is the latest introduction - he’s a piper and cittern player, so following the usual impeccable SteamRadio logic, he plays the bass.

Stephen Fletcher
Drums, Percussion

Stephen is so new to the band the paint’s not even dry... watch this space!

Tony Martin
Vocals, Octave Mandolin

Tony sang with Martin and Andy for some years in the Irish music outfit the O’Boyle Band, and their close working relationship meant that as songs were introduced into the SteamRadio repertoire he was the prime candidate to deliver them. He’s also a much sought after dance caller!